Inspired by the grey area between nature and construction, Graedance’s first collection is an ode to primordial entities and sacred rituals of the past.

With handcrafted jewelry at its core, designed as a post-modern analysis of the wearer, Graedance’s presentation of non-gendered pieces is crafted not as adornment, but rather as an extension of the wearer, is designed to capture the idea of fluidity in identity through its multi-utility design, with each piece having various options in form or placement. To illustrate, rings in the collection are designed with adaptable sizing, which allows the wearer to adjust sizing to fit not only different fingers but across phalanges – enabling the wearer to express the designs through various stacking methods. The rings’ liquid form also invites wearers to rotate or flip to create variations in styling and adjustment to the adorner’s changing anatomy and spirit in response to the environment. These conscious design decisions are core to the brand’s ethos for longevity, fluidity and evolution.

With considered decisions behind product design and packaging, the project utilizes recycled fibers, and metals to maintain an earth-conscious approach in its construction. The first half of the inaugural collection comes as a limited release of seven key pieces, entitled “Sacred.” Exclusively available online on

Take a look at the collection below: