ONRUSHW23FH is a project by fashion designers Albert Sánchez and Sebastián Cameras, both graduated in Fashion Design and Image in Barcelona. The brand was the result of their final project.

Taking inspiration from artists like Panayiotis Vassilakis (better known as Takis), and Peter Sedgley, they created a new collection that was presented at the 080 Barcelona Fashion.

We had the chance to talk with them about it and here’s what they told us:

How did the merge of Albert Sánchez and Sebastián Cameras happen?

ONRUSHW23FH is a project that was born as part of our final degree thesis since we both studied and graduated together, consisting of the creation of a collection that would be presented later in June 2019, later consolidating in the current project, with two collections already presented during the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week.

Why the name ONRUSHW23FH?

The name of ONRUSHW23FH comes from the union of two parts; Onrush refers in English to the definition of going fast or in a hurry and that’s where the name came from since we always arrived late to deliveries. Also, in fashion, you can always have a thousand unforeseen events and you are always on the run. The code W23FH comes from a Brussels-Barcelona flight that was canceled due to a strike and we had to go around between bus, ferry, and plane to be able to return to Barcelona and it was already an anecdotal fact!



Tell us a bit about this collection that you are presenting at 080 Barcelona Fashion.

For this new collection “LIMINAL COLLECTION” 2021/2022, we take as a reference the work of the artists Panayiotis Vassilakis (better known as Takis), and Peter Sedgley who explore that intangible space and energy seeking to reveal them through their kinetic works based on studies of movement, sound, and color. In this way we propose a collection where the garments act as a vehicle to give visibility to that energy and invisible/intangible connections, existing between and in our bodies.

One of the most important resources is the transformation and metamorphosis of the pieces as a consequence of their interaction with space. This dialogue is created thanks to the electromagnetic tensions between strategic points of the garments and the set. Using magnets, electricity and taking advantage of the model’s own movement or manipulation in the performance moment of the show, we propose to reveal what is hidden, to offer a glimpse into the imperceptible truth of the collection.

What is the importance of art in the world of fashion?

In our opinion, art is one of the most important things in the world of fashion. In the end, art is defined as an activity in which man recreates, with an aesthetic purpose, an aspect of reality or a feeling in forms using matter, image, or sound. From our point of view, although it is true that we define our work as something more methodical, absolutely everything comes from a specific place, or from some references that have marked us at the time. And it is from there where all the work is developed, therefore this set of “artistic references” are what create for us a self that seeks the aesthetic and that ultimately defines our work.

How does it feel to present your collection in such an iconic place for the art world as Gaudi’s La Pedrera?

Well, we believe that for anyone who wants to be part of the events of such an iconic place, it is an extraordinary fact, especially when it is part of the city in which we have grown up, as is our case. Apart from the fact that Gaudí is a genius and has left us an iconic architecture that has many followers internationally and it will be very interesting for viewers to see this space turned into a digital “catwalk”.

Digital presentation is already commonplace for many designers around the world. What are the pros and cons?

Undoubtedly, for us, one of the biggest pros is being able to get more out of the presentation and the garments by playing a little with the space and the acting of the models, which gives very important support to the collection. Thus becoming a more dynamic and narrative thing with the character of Fashion Film, perhaps also as a positive point is that with a visual piece today you can reach a more public with something powerful in digital. On the other hand, we would say that the magic shared among the public that has a typical parade is lost a bit. Although it is the only format we know of since we started to walk with our first collection on the catwalk in digital format.

What plans do you have in the short term?

In the short term, we want to further develop the brand on a commercial level and to launch capsule collections born from the previous “ALMOST THERE” collection. Apart from looking for some stockists internationally.

Take a look at the collection below: