Namaqua is a media-driven brand, capturing world content in real-time, with slogan t-shirts being the first medium for expression. The NAMA t-shirt, the studio’s first release, is refined and contemporary, crafted from organic Pima cotton, the weave yarned bespoke and finished without chemicals or silicones. The words, screen printed by hand using water-based inks which become as one with the fabric. Namaqua is reimagining the craft of printing words on fabric to create shifts in movement and change.

Namaqua’s mission is to make a change through words – for Namaqua, this is the ‘product’ – it’s the intangible that is the ‘product’ – the material manifesto that results from this – in this case is the Nama T-shirt. Namaqua hopes that this enables the owner of the Nama T-shirt to form a much stronger emotional connection with their purchase – to propel longevity of use and love for the item, increasing its measure of sustainability.