In an ever-accelerating world, the human mind is constantly flooded with information. Everything is at the touch of your finger, any product is available instantly and we are always chasing the next moment, worrying about missing a memory. If we can‘t get it immediately, we do not want it. The appreciation of the here and now dwindles. For fall 2022, BEAUTIFUL STRUGGLES looks at the characteristic trait of impatience and how one can mutate into a state of calm.

The color palette consists of the brand’s continuous tones of white, black and beige – accentuated by lavender and purple. Lavender has a long history in herbal medicine and is believed to reduce anxieties and calm your spirit. Print motifs underline the collection theme through a variety of executions and techniques. Fabrics are chosen meticulously in order to emphasize BEAUTIFUL STRUGGLES’ DNA of blending contemporary fashion and elevated streetstyle.