motoguo unveiled its Spring/Summer 2021 campaign captured by the lens of Zhong Lin.

Our Spring/Summer 21 collection is a portrayal of love and the celebration of life, this campaign reflects exactly just that by levitating us to a higher plane of abundance. Doing what we do best, we’ve invited characters of unique personalities to join us in our very own little universe for a grand celebration that weaves us all together as the most magnificent of cloth. Every face comes with a story to tell and we believe they are all worth commemorating.”

Art Direction: Kinder Eng @a_kinder_a_day & Zhonglin @zhonglin_
Photography: Zhonglin @zhonglin_
Photography Assistants: Yuanling Wang @bigwang13, Sherry Liu @sherry860706, Sarah Liu @sarah65050
Styling: Kinder Eng @a_kinder_a_day
Styling Assistants: Joyce Khor @byjoycerkhor & Yenyi @nyi__y
Hair: Weic Lin @weic_lin
Hair Assistant: Winnie Lee @_winnie____
Makeup: Jonathan Wu @jonathanwumua
Makeup Assistant: Eddi-Sheng Hsu @shenghsu_mua
Talents: Granny gin @grannygin_, Zoe Fang @zo1fun, 4min @4min_min, tomi @totommytoto, 史學定 @d.i.n87
Artwork Design: Ejin Sha @ejinsha
Literary Text: Riri Tan @riri_grr