During Summer 2020, American singer-songwriter 24kGoldn‘s track “Mood” became a commercial success worldwide after earning popularity TikTok. Featuring his friend iann dior, the song peaked at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 and in 16 other territories. A prestigious debut for this 20 years old golden kid who just released his first record “El Dorado” including a dream collaboration with rapper Future. We met the Californian musician by zoom, some minutes after he woke up to discuss his successful new life and his high taste for fashion. Here is our conversation:

Hi Golden, you just released “El Dorado” and it’s a massive success. Do you expect this?

Honestly, I knew it’s gonna be a great album but you never know how the world is gonna react to it. All I was thinking was “Do I like the music on this album?” and “Am I proud of it?”. The conclusion was: yes!

How was the process of making the album? Everything was already done before the pandemic or you did it during the worldwide lockdown?

I knew I want to call my album “El Dorado” even before the pandemic started. That was always on my mind even when I was on tour. Before everything closed down, I wanted to make and finish this album as soon as possible. A lot of these songs were made during the pandemic because there was nothing else to do! It was a good opportunity to focus on the music. I guess those weird events made the album better!

How do you manage to get famous A-List rappers such as Future and Da Baby on this record?

I mean when you have a number 1 song in the world for 9 weeks, people want to work with you (laughs). This is crazy because I remembered a year ago it was so hard for me to get featured by almost everybody I wanted.

But inviting those rappers was a natural process or a label arrangement?

It was natural between Omer Fedi, the executive producer and me to chose them on the album.

You were telling me that it was easy to invite guests on your tracks since you got a number 1 hit. It’s not stressful not having other successful tracks?

Yes, I think it is stressful a little bit but I think you can’t control having a number 1 hit. A big part of it, it’s all about the external factors around a song like the marketing and the right moment to release it. “Mood” is not necessarily my best song but I think all the songs on the album are successful in their own way.

Now you are successful, what really changed in your daily life?

Well, I brought a car, then it broke down so I sell it back, I got to perform in places I’ve been dreaming to perform like Fallon and Ellen and I’ve got fucking busy. Honestly, I’ve got so much opportunity to work on amazing stuff with cool people. I’m just starting my career and it’s already insane.

You were listening to Future when you were in high school. Your teenage dream came true, are you expecting now to have bigger collaborations?

It does not really matter how somebody is big or not when I want to work with. It’s just like if I like the music, even if it’s bigger or smaller than Future, it’s just a matter of taste.

I feel that rappers are really productive in the studio making music, it’s your case?

For me, I can go to the studio night and day making music. It happened for weeks but now I’m trying to make the best songs I can only. I’m more into quality than quantity. I prefer to drop 13 good tracks than 25 where there are only 10 which is amazing. It’s all about quality.

Are you experimenting with new sounds in the studio? Like electronic music for example?

I’m always experimenting. I keep doing it, there’s no limit!

What can we expect from you now the album is out?

We are working on a deluxe version, then getting back on the road when we all get vaccinated and more fashion pictures on my Instagram. I’m a real fashion guy so you can expect good vibes, d music, and good outfits.

What are your favorite brands?

I don’t want to say all of my favorite brands because I don’t want others to steal my swag but I love Marni, Martine Rose, and Telfar.

Linking music and fashion is an important connection for you?

It’s always important but many people want to be part of the fashion industry but didn’t really care about fashion. They are just following a trend or a style. Me, I’m making the trends. Not everyone gonna understand you when you stand outside of the box. So many people want to put me in the bow of “I’m just a rapper” or a Tik Tok phenomena, I’m always rejecting to be tag. I’m just trying to be Golden. Whenever it’s music or fashion, it’s a talent to produce things.

Do you have any fashion icons?

Kayne West, A$ap Rocky, Pharell Williams, and Lenny Kravitz are iconic guys for me.

You were talking about Tik Tok, do you think now, social platforms can be successful for an artist as well as dangerous? Especially with the cancel culture where many rap artists had been dismissed.

Some of the best things about the internet are also the worst things. The fact that people who come from all around the world to discuss and share ideas is a beautiful thing. But because of algorithms and misinformation, it’s easy to get the wrong point of view, especially when it is anonymous. The internet allows you to be more truthful and also so mean and judgemental.

What is the first thing you will be doing after the pandemic?

I want to go back on the road to perform my music and watching a movie in theatres.