On November 3rd, Poble Nou (Barcelona) will be the stage for MISONNY MEETS MIETIS, an exhibition featuring works from eight artists at the new ESPAI MIETIS, a creative space envisioned by the Mietis brand to showcase cultural propositions each month.

Sonny Kirchner

Sonny Kirchner, the international art connector behind the MISONNY Art Festival, joins forces with María Fontanellas, the creative mind behind Mietis, the high-end bag brand. They’re unveiling this new space at their Calle Granada headquarters for this exhibition. You can expect to see the creations of eight artists from various corners of the world and diverse artistic backgrounds: Albert Madaula (Barcelona), Gastón Lisak (Barcelona), Samuel de Sagas (Málaga), Alexia Rros (Girona), Marina Salazar (Barcelona), Paloma Correa (Uruguay), Aiam Maia (Uruguay), and Mariano Pascual (Argentina).

Albert Madaula

Espai Mietis is where the vibrant universe of Mietis takes shape and becomes a portal between the brand and its audience. It’s a versatile space that serves as a flagship store, a showroom, the brand’s studio, and a customization atelier. With this event, it debuts as a cultural hub and an exhibition venue for both emerging and established artists, both local and international, whose work or message resonates with the brand’s ethos.

Samuel de Sagas

As a starting point and with the intention of making it a recurring affair, Mietis partners with Sonny Kirchner, the brain behind MISONNY Art Festival, who will curate the first exhibition, MISONNY MEETS MIETIS. A group of artists with synergy between them and Mietis has been brought together. Inspired by the brand’s universe, they will create or select artworks that will grace the space for a month.

Espai Mietis

From November 3 (Press Opening) to November 25 (Open Night), you can visit the exhibition at 61 Ciudad de Granada Street, Poble Nou, Barcelona, at the Espai Mietis.