Moncler is on the crest of a wave, and this is reflected in the two latest successful launches: Moncler x Palm Angels and Inter x Moncler by Arsham. The Fall/Winter season is always the most awaited one for the Italian luxury brand, since as you know, it specialises in outerwear, and obviously this is where you find the months when most of these types of clothes are bought, and one of the festivities in which most gifts are given, Christmas. For the company, the holiday season has a special meaning, so they wanted to elevate the winter spirit even more and represent it in their latest campaign, unveiled today.

“For the Love of Winter” is the name of the campaign we’re referring to, shot by New York creative duo Gustavo Lopez and Lorena Parra, also known as Gus&Lo. In all the images that make up the portfolio, it highlights the warm look that Moncler has mastered, the colour palette and textures used in the garments, as well as the clever styling that crystallises the concept of finding warmth, focusing on wraparound knitwear, quilted boudin layers, and warm accessories.

As main pieces, we can find the Parana jacket, the Gaia Pocket High knee-high boots, or the iconic Moncler Karakorum jacket, bringing to life the maximum comfort and impeccable design of the brand’s winter wardrobe. If you are interested in any of the items, they are all available now.

Check out the images from the Moncler “For the Love of Winter” campaign below: