It’s non-stop! The world of fashion is advancing and developing at the speed of light. Just after the end of Paris Haute Couture and Men’s Fashion Week, and almost before we have recovered, the communication team of the Hyères International Fashion, Photography and Accessories Festival has announced the finalists of the next edition, which will take place from Thursday 12th to Sunday 15th October 2023 at Villa Noailles.

Everyone who knows a little about fashion knows about this competition, but if anyone still has no idea what it’s all about, we’ll give you a little background. The world-renowned Hyères festival, founded by Jean-Pierre Blanc, serves to promote and support young international fashion designers. And because the industry is not just about design, other disciplines, such as photography, are also honored.

Do you want to know who the finalists of the 38th edition of the Hyères festival were? We tell you now:

Fashion competition

Tiago Bessa (Portugal)

Alec Rhys Bizby (United Kingdom)

Fengyuan Dai (France)

Igor Dieryck (Belgium)

Petra Fagerstrom (Sweden)

Leevi Ikäheimo (Finland)

Eun Lee (South Korea)

Norman Mabire-Larguier (France)

Bo Kwon Min (South Korea)

Marc Sanz Pey (Spain)

Photography competition

Souleymane Bachir Diaw (Senegal)

Maria Baoli (Spain)

Clara Chichin (France)

Thaddé Comar (France- Switzerland)

Kin Coedel (Hong Kong)

Ezio D’Agostino (Italy)

Rebekka Deubner (France- Germany)

Quentin Lacombe (France)

Igor Pjörrt (Portugal)

Naguel Rivero (Argentina- Italy)

Accessories competition

Mathilde Hiron (France)

Gabrielle Huguenot (SuisseSuisse)

Yeonghyeon Kim (South Korea)

Lisa Kwoczek (Germany)

Thomas Manil (France)

Marcel Mariotte & Jovien Panné (France/Spain)

Ruby Mellish (United Kingdom)

Victor Salinier (France)

Christiane Schwambach (Germany)

Xin-Yu Weng (Taiwan)

You already know all the finalists. Now you have to wait, do your research, and place your bets! Ps: once the winners are known, the exhibitions will be open to the public until January 2024.