Chatting to us about career, pinch-me moments, tapping on social media, and its respective values, Laurence spilled the brew and preached a lesson to his fellow generation of models-in-making.

Now, keen for the inside scoop? Leap (your sight) here below now and thank us later.

Hey Laurence! If you were to describe yourself in three words, what would they be…

What’s good Fucking Young! [Uhms] I’d say outgoing, creative, and chill.


How were you discovered/scouted? And what were your first feelings when you happened to sign your first contract?

I went to Coachella for the first time when I was 15, and someone came up to me and gave me their card and asked me if I was interested in modeling. Not gonna lie, I thought it was a joke and what I did was just put it back in my wallet. A couple of weeks later, I found it in my wallet, told my parents I was interested in doing this and my mum took me in to sign my first contract with LA Models. I was pretty nervous. I wasn’t that tall yet and was still going through my awkward stage. Everyone there was so nice to me, so it made it a lot less intimidating. I still work with the same agents that I signed with then so I’m really happy I did.

Who’s been the best client to work with?

After seven years of modeling, I would have to say Hollister! I worked and traveled with them for about two years. Every single person on that set was so nice and fun to be around. It made it much more enjoyable traveling around with people you can relax and have with. I did a lot of fun adventurous stuff for their campaigns and have made some really good friends that I still talk to too this day thanks to that client.

Could you describe your favorite modeling experience so far?

My favorite modeling experience would have to be when I went to Milan directly after I finished High school back home in Los Angeles. It was a huge culture shock for me. Didn’t know anybody there, didn’t speak the language, and coming from LA I was not used to public transport. I was 17 at the time and had never really been away from home for no longer than a couple of weeks. As soon as I got there, I had to put my bags down and go straight to my agency to meet my agents and head out to some castings. Almost every day I was there I was going to at least a few castings a day and even managed to pick a show while I was there. Overall, it was a fun modeling experience!


Could you give us a fun anecdote about yourself?

I came to New York in September of 2018 for a one-day job. Packed only my gym bag worth of clothes. Convinced myself to stay that day and now I’ve been here for a year and a half. Plan on staying a lot longer!

Essentials to bring along your travels for a last-minute job are…

A good book! I despise flying so it definitely helps take my mind off the fact that I’m 40,000 feet in the air.


As a greatly esteemed model across social media, what are your thoughts in regard to the whole Instagram thing?

I think if used right it could be a really nice marketing tool. Otherwise its really nice for keeping up with people’s lives that you don’t get to see every day.

What are the things that really matter to you?

My happiness and health are pretty important to me. My close friends and family really matter to me too.


Do you feel emboldened through your social media channels? If so/not, how come?

No, not really. I feel most proud/happy when I’m doing the things I love. Social media is just a plus, not something that I really put thought into other than talking to friends. For example, training jiu-jitsu or hiking makes me feel emboldened.


Any major inspirations?

Bruce Lee, my friends, and my family!

What’s your biggest remorse?

Dying my hair when I was 14 right before the school year started… 


What’s the wisest lesson you’ve learned about being in the industry? 

Being polite goes a long way.


Any advice to give the young wave of aspiring models, wanting to venture into such field?

Build a nice portfolio and check your local agencies and see if they have days where they see people they might to sign. 

Photography: Tom Buck @tbuck9
Talent: Laurence Coke @laurencecoke at New York Model Management @newyorkmodels