Francesco Risso, creative director of Marni, is a smart guy, that’s why he is where he is and why he has managed to position the Italian brand as one of the most desired brands in the industry today. This thought is related to the launch of the Fall/Winter 23 collection, as the designer has chosen the key/perfect moment to unveil it, and it won’t go unnoticed before the hundreds of novelties that the fashion weeks will soon bring. Although to be honest, this would never happen, as the creativity of every single one of the Italian’s designs is unwavering.

Thirty-eight looks make up the latest proposal presented in lookbook format, of which twelve are for men. Each and every one of them deserves to be analyzed in detail, but as far as we are concerned, we will focus our attention on those related to men’s fashion, to which Risso never ceases to add meaning with his avant-garde vision of fashion and his modern and positive mind.

Positivism is something we hope Francesco never lets go of, otherwise, we wouldn’t do without his prints and crazy color mixes that work perfectly at the same time. This differentiating element is still present in his creations and he is able to liven up even the greyest of days and the most basic of garments with heart-shaped motifs, flowers, or cowboy or ’60s-’70s prints.

During those aforementioned years, the fact that men wore knitted sets, composed of tops and skirts, or short dresses (of the same fabric) was unimaginable, but in 2023 it is happening, and this is a reason to rejoice. Fashion is to be lived and enjoyed, and this argument is something that F.R. defends very well wherever it goes.

Marni’s FW23 offering is for those who want to play and have fun when it comes to dressing, and above all who don’t want to go unnoticed. Do you dare to wear a green suit with fur detailing? We hope you do.

Check out our favorite looks below: