Market and Eastpak are back at it with a new collection of bags that are all about making life easier.  The two brands have worked together before, and this time they’re bringing out some new colors for their popular Padded Pak’r backpack, plus some handy side pockets. Market put its own twist on these bags, adding a mesh bag that folds out so you can switch up the bag’s size depending on your day.

The collection’s got a couple of standout pieces like the MRKT BASKETBALL PACK and the MRKT RUSHER, coming in a cool blue and a black and white checkered pattern. Each one has Market’s sneaky mesh bag tucked away inside. They’re also introducing a new bag called the MRKT TRIANGLER, which is shaped like a triangle and has an open design, available in the same checkered print.

For the ad campaign, Market picked a bunch of different people to show off how the bags work for them. Terance Mann from the LA Clippers and runner Kam Casey tested out the sports features, while DJ Honey showed how her bag fits all her DJ stuff. Nelson ZêPequéno, who knows a lot about plants, and Puno Dostres, a busy mom, showed how the bags can be great for carrying all sorts of things.

Check it out below:


These bags are priced between €95 and €190. You can grab one on and