Louis Vuitton has launched a new online show called “Nicolas Ghesquière: Shaping Fashion”, featuring the creative director of its women’s collections and his celebrity friends.

The show, which is exclusive to YouTube, explores the career and vision of Nicolas Ghesquière, who has been leading the artistic direction of Louis Vuitton’s women’s line for a decade. In each episode, Ghesquière invites a guest star to join him in a lively and insightful conversation about various aspects of culture, such as cinema, music and style, as well as sharing personal stories and memories.

The first two episodes of the series star Emma Stone and Jennifer Connelly, who are both brand ambassadors and close friends of Ghesquière. They discuss their collaborations, inspirations and experiences with the designer, who has created some of the most iconic and innovative looks for Louis Vuitton.

The show is hosted by journalists Lynn Hirschberg and Sylvia Jorif, who moderate the discussions and highlight the achievements and influences of Ghesquière in the fashion industry and beyond. The series aims to offer a unique and intimate glimpse into the creative process and personality of one of the most influential designers of our time.

Watch the first one below and make sure to follow Louis Vuitton’s YouTube channel for upcoming episodes!