Gucci Wooster, the House’s flagship store in the heart of SoHo, has reopened its doors after a stunning renovation that celebrates the artistic spirit of the neighborhood and the creative vision of the brand. The store, which occupies a historic building that dates back to 1866, offers a unique shopping experience that blends contemporary design, fashion and art.

The renovation project, led by Sabato De Sarno, the House’s creative director, has preserved and enhanced the original features of the building, such as the brick walls, the wooden and iron floors, the metal ceilings and the columns, while adding modern elements such as stainless steel, glass and cement. The result is a harmonious contrast between the old and the new, the industrial and the elegant, the local and the global.

Gucci Wooster also houses the Gucci Wooster Bookstore, a curated space dedicated to contemporary art and photography books, many of them rare and out-of-print. The bookstore, which has its own entrance at 375 West Broadway Avenue, allows visitors to explore the sources of inspiration of the House and to discover new perspectives on art and culture. The bookstore also displays “Gucci Prospettive 1: Milano Ancora”, the first volume of a series of books that showcase the artistic vision of Sabato De Sarno in different domains.

In addition, the store features a collection of modern and contemporary artworks, selected by Truls Blaasmo, the House’s artistic partner. The artworks, by American and international artists such as Alighiero Boetti, Larry Bell, Lucio Fontana, Autumn Knight and Sasha Stiles, include sculpture and video art. The artworks reflect the rich artistic heritage of SoHo and the diverse forms of expression that the neighborhood has fostered. The artworks also capture the essence of repetitive movement, which aims to transform the abstract into the tangible.

Gucci Wooster is a destination that invites customers to immerse themselves in the world of Gucci and to experience the fusion of fashion and art. It is a tribute to the history and the creativity of New York and to the Italian values of beauty and craftsmanship.