Delve into the depths of character and the intriguing world of silent communication. The new LOEWE men’s campaign, captured by David Sims, embraces the reductionist spirit that defines LOEWE’s aesthetic. It delves into the power of gaze and body language to express emotions and sensations, leaving room for imagination to fill in the blanks.

The campaign features singer and songwriter Omar Apollo and Golden-Globe nominated actor Jamie Dornan as the sole protagonists, along with the captivating clothes and accessories they don. Set against blurred backdrops, rubberized sheets act as screens, creating an otherworldly ambiance that lets the velvet, leathers, and felts of the garments and accessories take center stage, exuding a tactile quality.

The imagery draws inspiration from classical allegoric paintings, especially evident in group shots of models with copper and paper wings, striking poses reminiscent of Renaissance art.

These visuals pay homage to the artist Julien Nguyen, whose work inspired the collection, creating a circle of references that come full circle. The still-life images further enhance the surrealism, presenting bags and shoes like the Puzzle Fold tote and Terra Chelsea boots and derbies in their sculptural and textural glory.

Check out the campaign images below: