Left. Suit Victor von Schwarz. Right. Shirt and pants Castillo.


Top Fred Perry, pants RAR, sneakers Nike



Top Castillo, pants Eñaut, sneakers Nike


Shirt Eñaut, skirt Fred Perry


Jacket Guillermo Peralta. Pants Noel de Chavez. Shoes Sebago. 


Suit Victor Von Schwarz, top Calvin Klein


Scarf Marino


Left. Shirt and pants Castillo. Right. Jacket Guillermo Peralta


Pablo Fernández at Blare Management captured by the lens of Carlos Pareja and styled by Paola Deabreu in exclusive for Fucking Young! Online

Photography. Carlos Pareja @c.pareja
Stylism. Paola Deabreu @paola_deabreu
Muah. Ari Torrents @irarimakeup
Model. Pablo Fernández @frenchhconnection