Via Valenza nº2. There we were taken by the duo of designers that make up the brand JORDANLUCA to discover their new proposal presented during Milan Fashion Week.

We could hardly see when we entered, everything was pitch black, but the white nuclear lights in the shape of laser swords illuminated us and warned us that we would soon see the light. And so it was when all the guests were already seated, and the techno music was starting to enter our ears, suddenly BOOM, the lights came on, and what we were all waiting for started.

FW23 collection, besides reimagining with irony the basics of the wardrobe, has something much more important, and that is that it explores the aesthetic contrast and contradiction to reflect the times we live in and that day by day we live in first person how the facts develop. This field is none other than that of technology and one of its star products, smartphones, which we must recognize is currently the true protagonists of our lives, as thanks to them we can communicate with each other and create meanings through images and iconography.

There is hardly any meaningful separation between life on and off the screen, and sometimes we have to think: how right the philosopher Slavoj Žižek was. If it were not for him, no one would remember that we live in a strange time, in which multiple catastrophes such as global warming, pandemics, or social tensions compete, shamelessly, for primacy. And what about the total annihilation of numerous civilizations of the past: the Mayans, the Romans, and even the dinosaurs? Is that where we are? After all, the planet is still spinning on its axis and hurtling through space. So while FW23 examines the idea of Armageddon, it does not interpret it as the definitive end, but as a moment in which we are suspended in uncertainty about what awaits us: the end of the world.

Faced with this argument, the question arises: How do we dress for the occasion? The answer is clear, with turtleneck jumpers in stretch material printed with small squares that imitate telephone screens, or with coats, shirts, knitwear, suits, and jackets with bulldog shoulders, created this season to add volume and movement to the garments. This detail gives the impression that the wearer looks hunched over, but not defeated, and has to do with fashion’s attempt to protect itself from the reality of the global crisis and war, and the search for nostalgia. It is time to face the future without blinking.

That sense of movement, which is to be applauded, is one of the most recurring motifs of the line and is present in the aforementioned pieces as well as in the jeans with long tails and the printed silk skirts and dresses.

To complement the offer, JORDANLUCA teamed up with urban sportswear brand LONSLADE for collaboration. This is Lonsdale’s first collab with a high-end fashion brand. The two share a subversive, counter-cultural London vision and an interest in cultural heritage. The JORDANLUCA/LONSDALE capsule collection features redesigned and reworked prints and archival pieces. One garment that particularly caught our eye was the T-shirt with the message “Harder Faster” because as you know we keep moving in these strange times at logarithmic speed.

Check out the collection photographed by Alexánder Castro Luque for Fucking Young! below: