JORDANLUCA FW22 didn’t happen in a vacuum. Rather, it’s a culmination of things much bigger than ourselves: the importance of being alive and present in the moment, a fresh perspective on human vitality and spirit, and how we can continue to persevere in the face of adversity. A hunger to grow into something greater permeates into AW22 and radiates with passion and soul-searching intensity. This collection is all about elevating our daily rituals to bring sex and seduction back into the fold. JORDAN-LUCA seeks to strike a balance between anger and fragility, in order to create something that speaks to both in equal measure. Rage is a catalyst for creativity.

Styling: Nick Royal @nickroyal
Photography: Elliott Morgan @elljmorgan
Casting: Irene Manicone @irene_manicone
Art Direction: William Ndatira @williamcult
Hair by Tasos Constantinou @tasoshair
Make-up by Alice Dodds @alicedoddsmakeup
Styling Assistant: Alicia Aparicio @alizlajorobada
Photography Assistant: Carlos Duro @carlos.duro
Casting Assistant: Luana Mazzieri @luhennn
Hair Assistant: Brixton Cowie @brixtoncowie