A new beginning, that’s the idea behind the collection. The feeling of 1960s California, freedom, fresh starts, a brand new world, which is what we think many of us want right now. Stylistically we mixed the geometric pattern cutting of workwear with the nonconformist glamour of Hollywood and the West Coast. We wanted the feeling to be romantic and realistic at the same time, which is typical of that culture and possibly how we need to be today” – Lucie and Luke Meier

Lucie and Luke Meier unveiled their Resort collection for Jil Sander. Further expanding their sartorial language, and challenging stereotypes, the designers have deconstructed the men’s suit replacing jackets with lean, round-neck tank tops, shirt-jackets, trenches, and overcoats. Matching, alternatively, kilts, long skirts, high-waisted pleated trousers, and shorts. To make menswear and womenswear merge.