“Friends with Bees” is the new collection from Danish jewelry brand Hanrej, whose ethos stands for one thing only: share the love between one another, between the planet and life in general. Seems fairly straightforward, but I dare you to try and follow such escapism as a way of life.

The bees that feature between the apparel symbolize all living facets, humans, and how we’re mutually endangered. The accessories propositions epitomize a playful, soft take on communicating the importance of harmony and love, characteristics that enable the growth of bold bonds, allowing us to nourish our inner energy.

“In order to become more aware of our planet, we must first become more aware of ourselves and our surroundings,” remarked the brand in a recent press release, addressing sustainability with utter prominence.

Every outfit starring in this campaign is built to challenge collective doctrines and champion the power of society, metaphor alluding to the bee and its connection to unapologetic freedom.