March 18, 2024, will hold a special place forever in the heart of designer Nicolas di Felice, current creative director of French luxury fashion brand Courrèges, as that is the day it was officially announced that he would become the next guest to design a haute couture collection for French fashion house Jean Paul Gaultier.

Di Felice is doing great in the company he works for and he will surely do just as well in JPG, although a priori both aesthetics don’t fit in, since in our opinion they are practically day and night. Will the Belgian manage to leave minimalism aside and go the opposite way? Let’s see next June when he will present his proposal during the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week.

The expectation is high and the final result promises to surprise, just as the rest of his colleagues have done, getting Jean Paul himself to stand up and applaud them. The enfant terrible of fashion, a charismatic being if ever there was one, is more than happy about this news and has expressed it with the following words: “I find Nicolas to be bold and creative from the beginning of his career. Choosing him aligns perfectly with the idea of seeing what a designer can bring to my style.”

While Nicolas said: “I am grateful to get the chance to work with this legendary couture atelier and I cannot wait to dig into the archives.”

Soon there will be more information about the show. Stay tuned!