Lorenzo Zurzolo, Italian actor and talent has been a household name for Gen Z-ers ever since his humble beginnings on Decameron by Daniele Luttazzi and Don Matteo, way back in 2007. Avoiding the fate of so many child stars before him, Zurzolo has matured with exceptional prowess and uncompromisable desire to give meaning to his acting vocation. “During my childhood years, I realized my dream was to become an actor,” he blithely reminisces. “I had my first experience at seven-years-old; I started by the chance of having a lot of fun, growing up I realized that it is something I would like to do for my whole life.” A burgeoning darling, the Roman prolific chap has a passion in his blood that began at a very young age, and his personality sparks just the right dip of euphoria. “I think I’m a very determined, enthusiastic, and positive person,” he jests. “Despite my initial shyness, I realized that if you really want something in life, you have to put the greatest effort possible to obtain it. I still have to grow in many aspects, for example, I procrastinate very often. I always think I’ll do it tomorrow but then time passes, but I’m 20 and I’m still young. I still love having fun with my friends, spending time with my family, and cultivate hobbies like reading books and watching movies. I’m also learning to play guitar.” Zurzolo’s fondness winds around Japanese epic scenes of cartoons and craves for serious action – yep, you heard it right. “When I was a kid I was addicted to Japanese cartoons, I loved fight scenes in Dragon Ball, for example, I also loved the ones about superheroes,” he recalls. “Indeed, the first famous director I became passionate about was Quentin Tarantino, I was 12 when I first watched Kill Bill and I was really impressed by that movie. Growing up I got the passion from many Directors such as Gaspar Noè, David Lynch, and Wes Anderson.” The actor added yet another notch to his already overloaded belt back in his teens. “I started acting at age seven, when I did a casting for a commercial, I had to act this scene with Roma football captain Francesco Totti,” he says. “He was my idol when I was younger, I immediately fell in love with the job, I asked my mum to keep doing auditions. I continued acting throughout school, appearing in occasional movies or tv shows. At the age of 14 I started to study theatre in a small company with which I did three shows. Then I did the audition for BABY that gave me a lot of popularity and it was a big springboard.” And thrillingly enough, his proclivity for acting formed a powerful legato with the world of fashion. “I really like the fashion world I collaborate with many magazines and stylists,” he says. “It’s also very related to cinema when I shoot with those amazing clothes, I feel like playing a character.” But when I ask him what performing means to him, he laughs and tells me that it’s a true means of escapism to him. “For me acting is forgetting about everything, about all the thoughts and worries that concern your life and starting to live another life.” Though we’ve seen probably plenty of him over the last decade, his big break found common ground when playing the series BABY, highlighting the pigeonholes of stereotyped elitism in youth culture. “I did three seasons of BABY and that’s, without doubt, one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had,” he says. “We filmed for four months every year for three years and I had the pleasure to work with a special group of people and we became like a big family.” The series’ production was thought-provoking as it was thrilling, and those emotions transport into one of his latest roles in Sotto Il Sole Di Riccione. “Sotto Il Solo di Riccione is a romantic comedy pleasant and emotional; you get a lot of empathy with the characters, it’s a light movie ideal to spend 1h30 with a bit of melancholy for an ideal “normal” summer without social distancing.”

I put a lot of effort every time I have an audition, and if doesn’t go I immediately think of the next one. It’s a difficult world, but I think I never encountered many hindrances, I’m 20 and I am in no hurry; I prefer to wait for the right role rather than doing a thing that doesn’t suit me,” he ponders, reflecting on the past few years. Nothing but love for his job made him feel more empowered as an actor. “Find what you love and put it all yourself, believe in it, and be ready to make sacrifices.

Talent: Lorenzo Zurzolo @lorenzo_zurzolo
Photographer: Antonio Dicorato @antoniodicorato
Stylist: Mirko De Propris @mirkodepro
Set Designer: Alice Ariano @ariano_alice
Grooming: Cosimo Bellomo @cosimo_bellomo
Fashion Assistant: Morgan Dildar @dildarmorgan
Fashion Assistant: Martina Ferretti @martina_ferretti
Agency: The Rumors @therumorsufficiostampa
Location: Villa Clara Rome @villa_clara_rome
Special thanks to Gucci @gucci