Danilo Kuchumov decided to link his life with clothing design at the tender age of seventeen: as soon as he mastered practical skills he transformed his passion into a lifework. That’s how Khan Kuchum was born and shortly after the creation it’s first collection was shown at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Almaty in april 2014. The spirit of youth in Khan Kuchum’s collection goes hand in hand with innovations: color-blocks which have already become recognizable and connotational for the brand refer to various styles and creations of modern art brightest representatives, while relaxed and laconic silhouettes pay tribute to street culture.

The SS15 collection interprets elements of 1930-40s men’s suits. Just as last year’s collection leitmotif sport style once again complements utilitarian character of collars, cuffs and various textures. Collection’s palette is inspired by the most poetic times of the day – sunsets and sunrises. In an aspiration to convey incredible colours of nature, Danilo combines variety of shades: electric blue meets ultramarine, cinnabar changes to neon orange, optical white collaborates with the color of melted milk.

Photo: Oleg Zuev
Style: Carine Utegenova
MUAH: Angelika Kucherova (Irina Khaber Team)
Models: Kamshat and Zhangir (EAT Models)