Haderlump‘s Spring/Summer 2025 show, held in Hangar 6 at Tempelhof Airport, featured a runway lined with vintage airplanes, setting the scene for their aptly named collection: “AERO.”

“AERO” paid tribute to the fearless aviators of the early 1900s, especially aviation legend Amelia Earhart. Her pioneering spirit and the era’s technological leaps inspired the collection’s design. Think revamped bomber jackets, cargo pants for ultimate function, and sharp denim that channeled pilot uniforms.

Sustainability wasn’t left behind. Recycled parachute fabrics and leather gave new life to aviation leftovers, while the use of tough materials like leather ensured the clothes could handle anything. The silhouettes were strong, with narrow waists and broad shoulders. Colors kept things classic: black, brown, white, and blue blended traditional pilot style with a modern twist.

Haderlump’s signature accessories – leather caps, silk scarves, and vintage aviator goggles – added a touch of authenticity. They mirrored the function and protection of early flight gear. The industrial vibes of Hangar 6 were the perfect backdrop, and the music selection upped the cool factor.

Check out the collection below: