SF1OG brought the buzz of the marketplace to Berlin Fashion Week with their Spring/Summer 2025 collection. Designers Rosa Marga Dahl and Jacob Langemeyer presented their latest pieces at the historic Umspannwerk, channeling the energy of local finds and celebrating the joy of discovery.

The runway featured clothes inspired by everyday markets. Think funky aprons transformed into pants and skirts, shirts cleverly patched together from vintage kitchen towels, and playful shopping bag prints adorning t-shirts. Live rock music by Golden Hours kept the vibe electric.

Eco-friendly mini backpacks and shopping bags, made from recycled materials by Eastpak, offered stylish on-the-go options.

At SF1OG, we always build our collections from three material categories,” explains Jacob Langemeyer. “One-third new sustainable fabrics, one-third deadstock fabrics, and one-third antique recycled fabrics and textiles. For spring/summer, we sourced antique linen from the years 1800-1900 as well as a variety of old plaid men’s shirts that represent typical marketplace patterns. We enjoy playing with the merging of ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ silhouettes to offer a new perspective on ‘menswear.’ We deliberately put these terms in quotes because we believe that fashion should evolve towards a more inclusive approach, away from traditional labels. The collection included several marketplace-related details that allow garments to be transformed into bags. Further exciting texture contrasts, intricate knit pieces, and pockets integrated into various garments reinforced the lively and artistic spirit of the collection.”

Check out the collection below: