The House presents the Gucci Pet collection, a wide selection of items designed for dogs and cats that combines high-quality materials, craftsmanship, innovation and many of Gucci‘s most iconic motifs.

This new line continues the narrative of wonder and enchantment that gave life to the Gucci Lifestyle collection, launched in September 2021 and inspired by a room of wonders: a space capable of housing all those exquisite and high-quality creations that, despite form part of our day to day, they continue to radiate a magical and wonderful aura. The offer includes collars and harnesses in smooth leather, GG canvas and Web, as well as in the Herbarium motif and the all-over geometric G print, all embellished with details including the interlocking G logo and studs. Also, straps in various lengths and widths, bag holders and AirTag covers are available in the same materials and motifs to match or mix and match. For its part, the selection of articles also conceived as design pieces for the home includes personalized miniature sofas, bowls with different patterns of the House and hoods to cover them, rigid cases with removable ceramic bowls and handles to transport them comfortably, as well as matching feeding mats For the most traveling pets, the comfortable carriers in GG canvas stand out.

This new category comes from the hand of an advertising campaign with Max Siedentopf as photographer and art director. Imbued with a dreamy, retro-inspired patina, a cast of cats and dogs of various breeds and sizes wear pieces from the new collection against clean, colorful backdrops – inspired by the House’s vision of individuality – that highlight personality of each animal.

Take a look at the campaign below: