Behold the latest from Tokyo’s cult-favorite grounds, where fashion meets the future in their FW23-24 collection of cutting-edge shoes and sneakers. Embracing a touch of wild inspiration from the Faroe Islands, this new line of nine designs takes the brand’s iconic futuristic essence and exposes it to the untamed beauty of nature, miles away from city lights.

A collaboration with designer Bernhard Willhelm graces the collection with the ground Jewelry shoe, a creative masterpiece. The concept behind this season’s creations delves into the fascinating convergence of urban luxury and raw wilderness, seeking to strike a perfect balance between two contrasting worlds that coexist in harmony.

grounds keeps pushing boundaries, revolutionizing the shoe industry with its intricate designs and challenging themselves to reach new heights. Unlike previous collections, this line introduces elevated uppers, adding an extra touch of style to complement their signature bubble outsole.

This season’s standout styles are hand-knitted boots, puffed ballet shoes, and quilted bags that fuse handcrafted luxury with the distinctive grounds outsole. The flocked items bring a touch of opulence, enveloping the shoes with a unique connection to the shoemaking artistry.

Check out the collection below:


The collection is set to launch in early September 2023, available for purchase at select U.S. retailers and online.