More than a band, GOTHKING is an artistic collective gathering artists and musicians from such cities as Paris, London, Moscow and Kiev.

The collective officially starts with the launch of single “RAGS” created in collaboration with BDSM photography Kiev-based collective Gorsad, also known for directing Ariel Pink’s “Time To Live” music video.

A couple of months later the collective released “JAMES FRANCO” and “WOMB” gathering first mediatic appraisal from the likes of High Snobiety, Fucking Young, NME and The Needle Drop.

New music video “GRIMES”, directed by the alien Robert-Maurice Debois and Fanny Schlichter is styled by Olive Duran featuring Rick Owens, Gentle Monster, Shin Murayama, 8igb Clothing, Sadak, ACNE Studios, BEINGHUNTED and masks by Bob Basset.

Mixing genres and aesthetics the collective refuses the notion of genre, aiming to produce visually and sonically ambiguous work.