Although right now it’s raining quite a lot in most parts of the world due to climate change, the desire for summer to arrive and to pack our bags and go on holiday to the beach has not disappeared, on the contrary, it has increased, and even more so when we see the latest capsule collection that Giorgio Armani has just presented.

Designed to be enjoyed in sunny weather, the line comes to complement your summer wardrobe with the garments it suggests, such as fluid shirts with geometric prints or with the brand’s monogram, bermudas, trousers, and suits. All these pieces stand out for their versatility and functionality, as they are timeless basics that you will still be able to wear in a couple of seasons, partly due to the nautical and summer-inspired color palette used in the design of the unveiled proposal.

Something that can’t be missing in a good summer look, or technically in any look, are the sandals and the accessories, such as sunglasses, raffia bags, and towels (in case you’re in a coastal location).

Be strong and don’t let the bad weather take away your summer spirit. Eternal sunshine will be here soon. Take a look at the images below and discover the Giorgio Armani Mare capsule collection: