EYTYS has just unveiled two new additions to its popular EUROTRASH Zion baby-tee line. The satirical t-shirts, which feature the word ‘EUROTRASH’ embroidered in contrasting colors, are now available in blush pink and all white, joining the existing fuchsia and black options. The t-shirts are made of soft cotton and have a cropped and fitted silhouette, perfect for the warmer seasons.

The EUROTRASH Zion baby-tee is inspired by the 90s subculture of wealthy and glamorous Europeans who flaunted their extravagant lifestyles and fashion choices. The term ‘EUROTRASH’ was often used as a derogatory label, but EYTYS reclaims it as a badge of honor and a symbol of chic confidence and flair. The t-shirts are meant to be worn with a wink and a smile, as a way of celebrating one’s own style and personality.

For those who prefer a more relaxed fit, EYTYS also offers the EUROTRASH artwork on the Leon t-shirt, a classic crewneck with a straight cut. The Leon t-shirt comes in white, black, and navy, and has the same ‘EUROTRASH’ embroidery as the Zion baby-tee.

The EYTYS collection of EUROTRASH t-shirts is now available online at Eytys.com, as well as in EYTYS stores and selected retailers worldwide. Join the EUROTRASH movement!