The Levi’s Spring/Summer 2024 Made in Japan collection showcases the beauty and quality of Japanese denim, which has a long and rich history. Japanese denim makers started to produce fabrics on old hand shuttle looms during World War II, when machinery was scarce. They followed the American style of denim making, but added their own touch of skill and refinement over the years. Today, Japanese denim is highly coveted around the world, and the Levi’s brand celebrates this legacy through its Made in Japan collections. The latest collection features stunning color patches, clever embroidery techniques and new finishes, giving a contemporary twist to the exquisite Japanese fabrics.

The collection uses premium denim from the famous Kaihara Denim Mill in Hiroshima, which is known for its meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to tradition. They use vintage shuttle looms and a special rope dyeing method to create indigo denim shades that age beautifully with wear. The Levi’s brand also works with SAAB, a sewing and finishing company that handcrafts each piece in the collection. These skilled artisans turn cotton into masterpieces of art.

The Made in Japan Spring/Summer 2024 collection is inspired by our custom-made Japanese denim, which serves as the base for the colorful embroidery and the original patching and mending style,” says Paul O’Neill, Design Director at Levi Strauss & Co. “The collection offers a variety of finishes, from simple to complex, that reflect the Japanese artistry and craftsmanship that elevate these pieces to a new level.”

Check out the collection below:


The 2024 Spring/Summer Made in Japan collection is available now on, the Levi’s® App and in select Levi’s® stores.