Every edition of London Fashion Week, people from all over the world are expected to come to the city, bringing back to a part of the country the cosmopolitan vibe it had before Brexit. In the last one held and recently finished, the 40th to be exact, the same thing has happened and fortunately we have seen again people of all kinds walking the streets. When we say all kinds, we mean even citizens from other planets or astronauts. Many wondered why they were there, but no one managed to find out, except Natasha Zinko, who was responsible for these beings making a stop in the UK.

Their stay in London was short, a matter of hours, and for professional reasons, given that they travelled thousands of kilometres just to walk with attitude, for a few minutes, through the fashion show in which the Ukrainian designer presented her Fall/Winter 2024 proposal, inspired by the future and reflecting on how the extraordinary has become the opposite, ordinary. Almost nothing surprises anymore, no matter how different it may be, so let’s give free rein to the imagination. Perhaps that was the pretext that Zinko used when it came to developing the line, because far from being just another regular collection, it turned out to be quite special, like the latest ones she has shown.

For the coming season, Natasha wanted to dress these beings in quilted jumpsuits with underwear divided diagonally by zips. On other planets, like ours, there are also times when it’s colder than usual, so for these circumstances there are balaclavas, giant spacesuit-style coats and jackets with curved sleeves, and satin-effect leather tracksuits worn with power ranger-style boots. The shoes in question, available in three colours (white, black and yellow), are also paired with wide trousers full of pockets to store all your belongings, like the narrow, 3D-printed sunglasses in black or white, the main colours of the collection and especially of the menswear section, without forgetting grey. And it shouldn’t be overlooked that all the clothes on offer are made from uncycled workwear.

It’s unknown what it will all look like in twenty or thirty years’ time, but what can be foreseen is that there will be people who dress like this. Check out the Natasha Zinko Fall/Winter 2024 collection below: