Balenciaga’s Summer 2024 campaign delves into the essence of identity and community. The campaign is a personal journey through Demna’s world, showcasing a series of portraits that feature the most intimate circle of his life—his family and friends.

The cast is a reflection of Demna’s personal connections, including the matriarchal presence of his mother, Ella; the musical artistry of his husband, BFRND; the educational influence of his former professor, Linda Loppa; the artist Eliza Douglas; the dramatic flair of actress Renata Litvinova; the loyal companionship of friend Krish Ghai; and the familiar faces of Balenciaga’s runway models Tommy Blue, Noureddine Boudaakat, Simone Embrack, Bibi Hoad, Jay Pak, and Khadim Sock.

The campaign juxtaposes the flatness of the architectural backdrops with the rich depth of the collection. It features an array of designs, from hybrid ready-to-wear to fluid tailoring and fitted casualwear, all complemented by trompe l’oeil accessories that play with our perceptions of depth and reality.

Captured by photographer Jitka Hanzlová, the portraits are a sensitive exploration of identity and the sense of belonging. Hanzlová’s work establishes a visual language that invites viewers to contemplate the complex layers of self and society.

Check it out below: