Childhood years and family summers are probably considered by many to be two of the most beautiful times in life, where a large percentage of the most positive memories that some people have (generally speaking) reside. Inês Amorin and Reid Baker, founders, and creative directors of the ERNEST W. BAKER brand, have decided to go back to the past, and specifically to those years, to take inspiration and use it in the creation and development of the Spring/Summer 24 collection, unveiled during Paris Fashion Week.

Spending time with loved ones, whether they are family or friends, is worth gold and sometimes unrepeatable, as the fruit of trust creates truly special moments that remain in the retina for life. But as we are sure you know, during these days not everything is happy since due to the trust we mentioned, bittersweet situations can also be created, which bring a dose of reality to these dreamy days. Consequently, these types of moments bring you a little closer to routine and transport you to a place where timelessness and the etheric play an important role. These two feelings have greatly influenced the designer duo’s creations.

By now, as the most desired season for some of us has begun, many of you have already started to give free rein to your imagination and plan your summer holidays. Amorin and Bakers have done so too, but a little earlier than you, and with a little more fantasy.

The line flows with the lightness of an out-of-this-world summer holiday. The looks are refined and polished to offer a refreshing new look, but without forgetting the brand’s codes. The pool sandal, a holiday staple, is updated with a thick gold chain, as is another staple, the hotel towel, which in this case is designed as if it came straight out of the water. The colour combinations get crazy and quirky at the same time – pink and purple, why not? Let’s go for it! We see it in a blazer without lapels, one of the key pieces in the offer, which evokes an eighties minimalist air, perfect for both day and night, just like the snakeskin boucle and the set of cufflinks embroidered with spiders that evoke the surrealism of nocturnal insects on a tropical getaway.

Tropical weather sometimes brings a lot of rain, and for those days ERNEST W. BAKER has created the perfect garments and accessories, made from repurposed vinyl sofa covers from the 1970s, which evoke a retro, futuristic feel that parallels the brand’s identity. Being in a tropical region means that now and then you will come across an interesting party that ends with fireworks. This element has been reinterpreted and captured in a sleeveless leather jacket, shorts, and bag, all with stud appliqués that simulate the effect of exploding stars, an element that has also been used in a suit embroidered in gold payette, combined with a black and gold hemp waistcoat.

After reading all this and seeing how Inês Amorin and Reid Bakers from ERNEST W. BAKER envision the upcoming Spring/Summer 24 season, you’re sure to be in the mood to book your holiday. Or not? See the collection below: