Vivobarefoot unveils the Sensus, their latest lifestyle innovation that promises the most authentic barefoot experience yet. The Sensus is a tribute to the timeless wisdom of indigenous footwear, echoing the snug fit and comfort of ancient moccasins. Its design is a nod to the artistry of glove-making, with textures reminiscent of the Rift Valley in Kenya, a place etched in history as the site of the oldest human footprints. The Sensus is an invitation to engage all your senses in the simplicity of its design, which ensures minimal waste with fewer components.

Available HERE in three versatile colorways to suit all preferences, the Sensus is designed for everyone, offering a unisex appeal. This minimalist design doesn’t just stop at aesthetics; it’s a conscious step towards environmental sustainability.

Check it out below:

Watch the trailer for “Footsteps – A Journey to the Engare Sero Footprints” here!