Eastwood Danso draws its unique aesthetic from “Nkrumaism” and global events. The designer’s personal narrative is intricately woven into each piece, with influences spanning from the mid-1980s to the early 2000s, sourced from the Danso family’s archival photographs.

The label’s second collection, titled “Wicked Love,” contemplates the concept of adaptable self-identity in our interconnected world. It encapsulates a thoughtful examination of the Danso family’s journey across continents, delving into the vast spectrum of human experiences encountered during their transition from the southern hemisphere to the north. The profound contemplation of his parents’ sacrifices for a brighter future serves as the inspiration behind Eastwood Danso’s designs, which is poignantly reflected in the name of the collection itself. The brand’s vision comes to life through a diverse range of artistic expressions, including a line of ready-to-wear clothing, various accessories, and distinctive objects.

Check it out below: