EGONLAB has launched its ninth collection, titled “ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE”. The collection is a tribute to the power of the human body and psyche to heal from traumas and to resist the pressures of a modern world that normalizes our existence and pushes us to the edge.

The collection is composed of pieces that embody the rebirth of a generation that has been battered and exposed by the screen culture. The body, in its physical and emotional dimensions, is the main theme of the collection, which explores the obsessive sublimation and overexposure of bodies in the digital age.

The collection also aims to raise awareness about the contemporary challenges of appearance and perfection, which are imposed by a world that judges and validates us based on our filtered smiles and transformed bodies. EGONLAB denounces this harmful injunction and provides the weapons to fight back.

Each piece reflects the obsession with bodily change, accelerated by the prism of social networks. The collection has a tailored urban punk style, with a continuous cut that gives a dynamic look. It also reveals the skin, showing the visible scars of the invisible wounds. The collection is a statement of resistance, as the time and color fade, but the pain remains.

EGONLAB has committed to mental health through a partnership with the organization PSYCOM, to raise awareness about the importance of taking care of the mind. Human before anything else.

Check it out below: