Inspired by the contradictions and complexities of human nature, 3.PARADIS presents its Fall/Winter 2024 collection, titled “The Sun Doesn’t Shine in the Shade”. The collection captures the essence of the inner battle between ego and humility, as well as the tension between individual and collective aspirations.

The collection showcases a stunning contrast between light and darkness, opulence and modesty, and self-interest and collective responsibility. The Surabondance theme features layering, double-belted pants, open zip fly, oversized silhouette, and superposition, with textures such as croc skin, fur, denim, furry wool, leather, and Swarovski crystals. The clothes also reflect the struggle for survival and meaning, with baggy trousers, large volumes, and puffy coats that serve both as fashion and function.

The collection tells a story of the consequences of pursuing personal dreams at the cost of collective well-being, and the dazzling but deceptive appeal of light, opulence, and success. It is more than a collection; it is a philosophical inquiry into the inner conflicts that shape humanity.

Check out the collection below: