Edward Cuming‘s Spring/Summer 2024 collection is a testament to the art of reinvention, where intuitive choices and daring leaps take the spotlight.

Captured by Cristina Stohle within the walls of an anonymous, empty house, the collection unfolds a narrative of a young couple embarking on a journey to transform their new home, reflecting the phase of life where instinct governs decisions. From punk-inspired vibes to a cool nocturnal allure, their exploration is fleeting yet mesmerizing.

This essence of instinctual decision-making and fearless experimentation permeates the collection, challenging conventions and embracing imperfections that are typically concealed. It fearlessly defies expectations of what a contemporary wardrobe should encompass.

The lineup showcases the introduction of rigid canvas men’s tailoring, a striking fusion of a bomber jacket and an M65 jacket with voluminous raglan sleeves. Sequined bras and airy, knit dresses entice, while screen-printed and meticulously dyed jerseys evoke a sense of artistry. The versatile Belmonte cross-body leather bag becomes an indispensable accessory. Splashes of vibrant colors, floral prints, stripes, and textures exude the brand’s vibrant spirit, complemented by playful elements like girly brooches, sequins, and embellished belts. Knitted or printed ruffles adorn knits, tailoring, pants, and jerseys, showcasing a clever touch of humor.

The collection’s fabrics come together in harmony, incorporating Japanese cotton, chiffons, satins, Italian wools, and linens. A touch of floral georgettes, airy tussle satins, and leathers sourced from Spain’s Ubrique region add a touch of intrigue.

Continuing their collaboration with Adam Signature, a multidisciplinary artist hailing from Reggio Emilia, the collection features a selection of shoes meticulously crafted by hand. The partnership celebrates the beauty of imperfection, now in its remarkable third iteration.

Check out the collection below: