East-London rapper Jeshi has released the live cinematic performance film ‘‘Bad Day At The Office’’ directed by rising duo Ethan + Tom (p-rallel, Greentea Peng & Berwyn), produced by Academy Films and includes the tracks: ‘’3210’’, ‘’Hit By A Train’’, ‘’Two Mums’’ and ‘’Universal Credit’’.

A truly incredible film that sets Jeshi apart as a once-in-a-generation artist. Set in an empty office in Woking, every aspect of the visual is lovingly chosen and meticulously curated. With hazy call-backs to depressing workplace scenes often found in the late 90s/ 2000s films, e.g. ‘Fight Club’ and the James McAvoy breakthrough ‘Wanted’. Jeshi’s revitalization of this urban iconography showcases his unique take on societal mores.

Announced in mid-October the deluxe edition of his critically lauded album ‘‘Universal Credit’’ is out on the 25th of November. It will feature a brand new track ‘‘This Thing Of Ours’’, 4 live performances, and the recently released remix for ‘Protein’’ featuring Obongjayar & Westside Boogie.

Arriving in early Summer, ‘‘Universal Credit’’, was a blistering debut album that demanded the attention of critics and fans alike. You can read our interview HERE.

Watch the video below: