Denzilpatrick took the stage at Paris Fashion Week, unveiling its Spring/Summer 2024 collection, titled “Come Home Darling!”.

Daniel explores the art of dressing for a transformative journey, where your wardrobe evolves to accompany epic migrations across vast lands and seas, as well as the intimate passages through bustling city streets and the destinations that reside within our dreams.

Drawing inspiration from Samuel Selvon’s novel, “The Lonely Londoners,” Denzilpatrick presents a vision of newly arrived urban adventurers, exuding confidence in their sharp tailoring and summertime swagger. The collection showcases double-breasted jackets and matching vests in sentimental shades of putty and sienna, evoking a sense of nostalgia and a quest to find a new “home” where their hearts truly belong.

As these explorers seek their place, the wardrobe evolves to embrace the joys of outdoor excursions, park visits, and beach trips, carefully prepared for the unpredictable British weather. Rain hoods, hems neatly tied with handkerchiefs, and rolled-up trousers make an appearance. Tailoring takes on a softer form, offering relaxed and comfortable fits. The collection exudes celebration and pageantry, inspired by the vibrant and unfiltered colors of Caribbean-British designer Althea McNish.

Throughout the collection, graphics act as souvenirs, capturing the essence of past voyages and those yet to come. Ocean liner crests and local taxi-cab business cards proudly display the Denzilpatrick slogan, asserting that “London belongs to me.”

Take a look at the collection below: