Maria Black‘s 2023 collection, FUTURE FLUIDITY, delves into the intriguing intersection of humans, nature, and connections between individuals. It embraces a sense of uncertainty, serving as a commentary on the paradoxical nature of human touch—both tender and caring, yet capable of abrupt destruction. Fuelled by an insatiable curiosity and a fascination tinged with anticipation, Maria Black delves into the human legacy, the passage of time, and a responsibility towards the environment and each other.

The first release of the FUTURE FLUIDITY Collection, REFLECT, explores the dissolution of jewelry, while the second release, EXPLORE, propels us further on a journey toward life’s essentials. This second Drop invites us to examine our origins and discover potential salvation within nature.  It encourages us to peer through the microscope and uncover the intricate beauty of microorganisms.

The Birds Nest Earring epitomizes this inspiration, drawing from the shape of fungi spores, featuring a movable pearl covered in green resin that emulates a microscope pattern. The Birds Nest and Flirt Charms also showcase these design elements, making them ideal for stacking on ears or adding detail to necklaces and bracelets for a coordinated ensemble.

Notable additions to this collection include the Powderpuff and Puff Ball Studs, boasting fluid formations that add an extra touch of intrigue to your ear stack. Perfect for pairing together, they create a playful and unique yet effortlessly stylish expression.

The Curtain Crust and Brain Jelly Earrings introduce sculptural shapes, inspired by the intertwined forms of fungi spores. Their movable links create ever-changing silhouettes that captivate the eye. The seemingly simplistic Brain Jelly Earrings reveal their sculptural nature when adorned, appearing distinct from every angle.

Continuing the theme of fluid shapes, the Twisted Deceiver Ring and Ear Cuff offer a subtle yet impactful addition to one’s aesthetic, with a touch of classic elegance. Lastly, the Lemon Disco Ring boasts a polished surface on one side merging with a textured surface on the other, featuring a lime green nano gemstone at its center. Drawing inspiration from microscope patterns and reptile skin, the ring exudes a unique texture reminiscent of the Hot Lips Huggies.

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Maria Black’s FUTURE FLUIDITY collection encapsulates the enigmatic allure of connection to nature, presenting jewelry that evokes a sense of curiosity, exploration, and the mesmerizing beauty found in the unseen depths of our world.