As a brand that has always been at the forefront of originality and innovation, Clarks is taking small steps towards a better future by introducing sustainable materials in their latest collection. The brand is renowned for its cutting-edge technologies, high-quality craftsmanship, and style, and their new models for the Spring/Summer season are no exception. With bold designs, light flexibility, and innovative cushioning, these iconic Clarks are the perfect footwear for the season.

Introducing one of the models from its “For the World Ahead” campaign, the Sunder Coast sandal for men is the epitome of minimalist style, comfort, and freshness. With a lightweight, breathable, and high-quality EVA sole design and resistant internal cushioning, this sandal is made of soft suede that is responsibly produced, making it perfect for cooler seasons, whether on the beach or in the city. Clarks is ushering in a sustainable and stylish summer with this innovative footwear collection.