On 12 October 2017 Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF) and Code Art Fair presented the second edition of CIFF’s innovative, roving capsule Northwind at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles honoring writer and curator Neville Wakefield.

“Our business is driven by creativity. Northwind is our statement on creativity. By bringing CIFF and Code Art Fair to L.A., we are expanding our community and creating new opportunities for our clients.” – said Kristian W Andersen (Director and Creative Director @ CIFF and Code Fair)

Established to spread CIFF’s vision for creativity beyond Copenhagen, Northwind in Los Angeles focused on the synergies between fashion and contemporary art, reflecting a shared, cultural outlook among the creative communities in Los Angeles and Copenhagen – two influential centers for contemporary visual culture. The guest list not only included people from the art and fashion world but also international stars such as Swedish singer Lykke Li, actress Minnie Driver and top model Ashley Smith amongst others.

Kristian W Andersen

Martin Asbjørn & Andrew Andrade

Ryan Heffington & Kira Lillie

Lykke Li

Photos: Sansho Scott/ BFA.com