This fall, Hélas is teaming up with Champion for an exclusive capsule collection.

Hélas knows what’s up – they grew up with Champion, just like many of us. There’s something timeless about this classic brand that resonates with everyone. It just makes perfect sense.

They chose to roll with Champion’s Reverse Weave range, known for its top-notch quality, roomy fits (a bit on the baggy side), and that cozy factor that’s tailor-made for skateboarding. The result? A collection that’s all about basic, classic, high-quality shapes, jazzed up with the unmistakable Hélas twist merged with the iconic Champion C logo.

But it doesn’t stop there. To add a dash of extra cool, they tapped into the basketball vibes. Thanks to George Eddy, the French basketball commentary legend, who’s all about spreading the basketball love across Île-de-France, this collab gets even more special.

Check out the collection below:


The collection is available on