Y/PROJECT Fall/Winter 2024

Less is more is what we are used to hearing. In Y/P’s case, it’s precisely the opposite.

12 MarCollection. Fall/Winter

Eastwood Danso Fall/Winter 2024

The label’s second collection, titled “Wicked Love,” contemplates the concept of adaptable self-identity in our interconnected world.

12 MarCollection. Fall/Winter

Embracing the Essence of Barefoot Living: Vivobarefoot’s Sensus

Behind Vivobarefoot’s vision is a commitment to natural health and rekindling humanity’s bond with the natural world.

12 MarEco. Shoes

LUCID DREAMS: Past Tense SS24 Collection

The collection showcases a harmonious blend of rigid industrial design elements characterized by straight lines and sharp edges, juxtaposed with the fluidity of organic shapes.


The latest collection, titled “Dirty Dirty Jobs,” delves into the often-overlooked daily ritual of dressing.

10 MarCollection. Fall/Winter

Endless Joy Drops Spring/Summer 2024 Collection

Endless Joy unveils the first release of its Spring/Summer 2024 collection, a heartfelt homage to the essence of travel. This collection is a visual narrative of an artist’s pilgrimage across the diverse cultures of Bali, Greece, and… »


Salomon’s SPEEDCROSS 3 stands as a testament to the brand’s profound expertise in trail running, blending practicality with avant-garde design that has redefined the world of mountain racing and trail running.

10 MarShoes

Y-3 and Real Madrid Reunite to Present a Collaborative Travel Collection

Y-3 and Real Madrid have unveiled a new travel collection that marries the design ethos of Yohji Yamamoto with the storied legacy of the football club.

9 MarCapsule

Nanushka Fall/Winter 2024: An Homage to Heritage and Craftsmanship

Nanushka unveiled its Fall/Winter 2024 collection, titled “Reframing,” which delves into the art of fabric manipulation to elevate the essence of simple silhouettes.

8 MarCollection. Fall/Winter

Saint Laurent Winter 2024

Saint Laurent presented its men’s Winter 2024 collection during Paris Fashion Week.

7 MarCollection. Fall/Winter

EASTPAK Unveils “Built To Resist” New Campaign

This year, the spotlight shines on cosplayers, the embodiment of transformation and creativity, as they invite you to unleash the truest form of yourself or any version you aspire to be.

7 MarAccesories. Campaigns

The Boiler Room Drops SS24 Collection

Boiler Room is set to unveil its Spring/Summer 2024 collection, a series deeply rooted in the essence of its community.

Solar Waves: Sheep Inc. Unveils the SS24 Collection

This collection is a celebration of solar alchemy, where each color narrates its own vibrant tale.

ARNETTE and GIRL SKATEBOARDS Launch First Collaboration

The collaboration has resulted in a two-piece capsule collection that delves deep into the essence of skater culture and its tight-knit community.

6 MarCollection. Eyewear

Lacoste Fall/Winter 2024

Pelagia Kolotouros’s approach is one of inclusivity and collaboration, inviting people across generations and communities to embrace and reinterpret the Lacoste codes.

Balenciaga Winter 2024

The fashion house Balenciaga presented its Winter 2024 collection during Paris Fashion Week.

AVELLANO Fall/Winter 2024

With this latest collection, AVELLANO reaffirms its commitment to drama and innovation, promising a future rich with surprises and the continued evolution of its distinctive aesthetic.

Fables Ecetera: Gabrielle Greiss Unveils Debut Jewelry Line

Gabrielle invites us to discover her first jewelry collection, inspired by her love for animals and stories.

5 MarJewelry

C2H4® and Pan Am® Join Forces for a Retro-Futuristic SS24 Collection

The collection draws inspiration from the golden era of aviation, when flying was a glamorous and exciting experience.

Ayanegui x Kouros

The collection, which was photographed by artist and photographer Guillermo Cassar, features the debut of the “Hug Bed,” a furniture piece by Kouros Maghsoudi.

4 MarCollection

Ann Demeulemeester Fall/Winter 2024 by Stefano Gallici

Ann Demeulemeester, creatively directed by Stefano Gallici, presented its Fall/Winter 2024 collection during Paris Fashion Week.

PANTALON Launches New Collection Inspired by Urban Reptiles

The STREET LIZARD collection aims to capture the lizard’s ability to harness solar energy and the colors and textures of these beautiful creatures. T

4 MarCollection

VETEMENTS Fall/Winter 2024

VETEMENTS unveiled its Fall/Winter 2024 collection in Paris.

3 MarCollection. Fall/Winter

Bianca Saunders Fall/Winter 2024

Bianca Saunders’ Fall/Winter 2024 collection explores the theme of mirroring and the contrast between the inner and outer self.

3 MarCollection. Fall/Winter

Hélas Spring 2024

A group of skateboarders from Hélas traveled to Morocco to explore its emerging skateboarding scene and culture.

Laneus Spring/Summer 2024

Laneus unveils its Spring/Summer 2024 collection, inspired by the nomadic lifestyle and the sunny vibes of the West Coast

Camper introduces ROKU

Camper has launched a new unisex line for the Spring/Summer 2024 season.

2 MarShoes

Y-3 S-GENDO RUN Sneaker

The collaboration between adidas and Yohji Yamamoto continues to push the limits of creativity and innovation with the launch of the Y-3 S-GENDO RUN.

2 MarShoes

Ceeze Creative Studios “Forecast” Salomon XT4 0G

Sneakerheads, brace yourselves for a rare and exclusive drop that will blow your mind.

2 MarShoes

The Painter: Late Checkout’s New Collection

Late Checkout has launched its latest collection inspired by a fictional character: The Painter.

1 MarCollection
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