Sandra Backlund

Lookbook de Sandra Backlund, fotografiado por Peter Gehrke

19 MayCollection

Subfusco Spring 2011

Subfusco Spring 2011


Aquí el lookbook de A. D…. »

17 MayCollection. Fall/Winter


Triskaidekaphobia is a fear or phobia concerning the number 13. It’s also a really incredible new NYC jewelry line.

17 MayCollection. Jewelry

Topman LTD Spring 2010

Willem by Laurence Ellis for Topman LTD Spring 2010

Copper ring

Copper ring set with a herkimer diamond by japanese designer like atmosphere.

14 MayCollection. Jewelry



13 MayCollection. Fall/Winter

Opening Ceremony | Fall 2010

La nueva colección de Opening Ceremony, fotografiada por Max Farago feat. Yuri Pleskun

Photographer: Max Farago
Stylist: Mel Ottenberg
Art Director: Su Barber
Photo Assistants: Jai Odell and Shaun Hartas
Digital Tech: Aurelie Graillot
Stylist Assistant: Lester Garcia
Models: Tati Cotliar, Next and… »

12 MayCollection. Fall/Winter

Space Invaders accessory

Taito’s efforts to build their brand continues with their iconic Space Invaders characters and now they are releasing a limited edition silverware accessory produced by French silverware maker Christofle.

12 MayCollection. Jewelry

William Richard Green

Lookbook de William Richard Green para el próximo otoño/invierno 2010/11

William Richard Green / Photography Ellis Scott / Make up Ken Nakano / Hair Soichi / Model Petter Andersson at D1 / Thanks to Anders Christian Madsen, Johannes Meyer,… »

11 MayCollection

Stolen Girlfriends Club Spring 2011

Stolen Girlfriends Club, debuta por primera vez en la Australian Fashion Week. La marca con base en Nueva Zelanda, presenta su colección para la próxima primavera 2011, titulandola “Life’s a beach… Watch out for Crabs”. Marc Moore, Luke Harwood y… »

Maison Martin Margiela extends line 13 – Objects & Publications,

Maison Martin Margiela extends line 13 – Objects & Publications,
by creating 3 new white objects for Spring/Summer 2010:

– Trompe-l’oeil stickers: a series of black and white photos. Three doors… »

10 MayCollection. Eyewear. News

UNIS New York

La firma Unis, nos presenta una colección inspirada en la clásica ropa deportiva americana. Totalmente artesanal, ha sido producida completamente en su casa-estudio de Nueva York.

Puedes comprar UNIS en solo… »

10 MayCollection

Gut’s Dynamite Cabaret

Gut’s Dynamite Cabaret Fall 2010/11

7 MayCollection. Fall/Winter

Designer Ayaka Nishi’s Spine bracelet

I really like this piece of jewelry from Designer Ayaka_Nishi that you can find on Not Just A Label

Ms Nishi has always been inspired by nature and natural materials and in this piece inspired by a spine,

she combined… »

7 MayCollection. Jewelry

Patrick Stephan

Lookbook de Patrick Stephan

6 MayCollection

Mourning and Divorce

Mourning and Divorce jewelry by Gisele Ganne.

6 MayCollection. Jewelry

Limedrop Spring 2011

Ya empezamos a ver los primeros destellos de la primavera 2011. Este es el lookbook de la coleccion de Limedrop, fotografiada por Jo Duck.

Dominic Jones Jewellery

La ultima coleccion de Dominic Jones Jewellery, de la mano de Atiken Jolly.

5 MayCollection. Jewelry

Lina Österman

Inspirado en el disco Harvest de Neil Young, Lina Österman presenta su cuarta colección desde Londres. Una actualizacion del modern–punk, con todas las piezas en un irresistible y eterno atractivo negro.

4 MayCollection


Lookbook de la firma Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair para el próximo otoño/invierno 2010/11.

3 MayCollection. Fall/Winter

Weaponized Jewelry

The jewelry smiths at MathMatiks have created a series of accessories with a street flair, but adorned in gold.  From an AK47 money clip to grenade cufflinks to a gas mask pendants, the classic tools of defense are… »

3 MayCollection. Jewelry

McQ by Alexander McQueen Fall 2010 Lookbook

Inspirado por la era grunge de los 90, la colección de otoño de McQ por el difunto Alexander McQueen tiene una intrigante mezcla de diseño, color y textura. Con rayas, patchwork, flores y ropa vaquera, el rango de otoño realmente… »

30 AprCollection. Fall/Winter

Mourning Objects by Anna Schwamborn

Design student Anna Schwamborn has created a range of jewelry made with the hair and cremated ashes of a dead loved ones.

30 AprCollection. Jewelry

Wood Wood Spring 2010

Wood Wood

Pyrenex Premium Collection | Fall 2010

La compañía francesa PYRENEX, conocída por sus famosos anoraks, da una vuelta de tuerca en su “premium collection”.


28 AprCollection. Fall/Winter

Gueule d’Amour

The magazine Stiletto asked master baker Eric Kayser to create the most precious bread of the world with jeweler Mauboussin. There are 7 carats hidden in this loaf. It will be sold from Monday 5 to Saturday 10 July… »

28 AprCollection. Jewelry

Fred Perry feat. George Barnett

Este es el lookbook del próximo invierno para la firma Fred Perry, que ha contado con el modelo británico George Barnett.

27 AprCollection

Laitinen Fall 2010

Lookbook de la firma Laitinen para la próxima temporada otoño/invierno 2010/11

27 AprCollection. Fall/Winter


Chewed by Tuesday is a new and exciting jewellery label from Melbourne. Founded by a local creative slash designer, Vivienne Gibson brings a Brooklyn flavour to her pieces after spending a few years cruising the streets of Williamsburg and… »

26 AprCollection. Jewelry
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