Luis Manteiga Fall/Winter 2012

What if the universe that we contemplate was just a hologram? The Fall/Winter 2012 collection by Luis Manteiga featured beautiful details and materials, and great shoes by Natalio Martín.

MANGO Fall/Winter 2012

Sebastian Sauvé and Clement Chabernaud among others, today in the last MANGO runway at 080 Barcelona Fashion.

Der Metropol Fall/Winter 2012

Collection was created as homage to one of the designer’s closest friends, deceased in August, 2011. The Fall/Winter 2012 collection by DER METROPOL discusses the impact of the absence which is created by death, be it physical or an analogy… »


BRAIN & BEAST Fall/Winter 2012

BRAIN & BEAST offers a personal point of view concerning today’s clothing for men and women. High quality and personality have always been his slogans, working for real people living in a real world.

Christian L’Enfant Roi Fall/Winter 2012 Preview

Christian L’Enfant Roi Fall/Winter 2012 Men’s collection preview photographed by Mathieu Fortin with artwork by Pier Yves Larouche.

Sopopular Fall/Winter 2012

Sebastian Sauvé photographed by Sabrina Theissen for Sopopular Fall/Winter 2012 lookbook.

26 JanCollection. Fall/Winter

T by Alexander Wang Fall/Winter 2012

Alexander Wang‘s T line collection for Fall/Winter 2012, featured comfortable and wearable clothing.

Alexis Reyna Fall/Winter 2012

Josep Abril Fall/Winter 2012

Josep Abril for Fall/Winter 2012 at 080 Barcelona Fashion. “After 15 years I want to observe the work done”.

Karlotalaspalas Fall/Winter 2012

The revelation emerges from our deepest sense. It is the manifestation of faith in our desires and hopes. It is the sign that we were waiting for changing our lifes. ‘Disclosure’ is the fall/winter collection by Karlotalaspalas. She… »

Arnys Fall/Winter 2012

Arnys Fall/Winter 2012 collection had a bit of a bohemian flare.

Wooyoungmi Fall/Winter 2012

Wooyoungmi presented a sophisticated collection for Fall/Winter 2012 featuring relaxed and comfortable silhouettes.

Cerruti Fall/Winter 2012

Cerruti‘s Fall/Winter 2012 collection featured soft velvets and a relaxed but still elegant silhouette.

Frank Boclet Fall/Winter 2012

Franck Boclet created an urbane Fall/Winter 2012 collection with hints of fur and cashmere.

Bill Tornade Fall/Winter 2012

Bill Tornade‘s Fall/Winter 2012 collection was wearable and sharp. It featured comfortable clothes and clean silhouettes.

Qasimi Fall/Winter 2012

Qasimi‘s Fall/Winter 2012 collection was somber and had great textures and patterns.

GustavoLins Fall/Winter 2012

Gustavo Lins showed a chic and modern collection for Fall/Winter 2012 full of luxurious fabrications that draped on the body creating a relaxed silhouette.

Sacai Fall/Winter 2012

Sacai showed an elegant and relaxed Fall/Winter 2012 collection with beautiful textures and patterns.


Christophe Lemaire Fall/Winter 2012

Christophe Lemaire presented a luxurious collection  for Fall/Winter 2012 collection, featuring Asian and minimalist overtones.

Bernhard Willhelm Fall/Winter 2012

Bernhard Willhelm‘s Fall/Winter 2012 athletically themed collection featured lots of color, tattered uniforms, oversized jumpsuits and amazing wild prints.

Boris Bidjan Saberi Fall/Winter 2012

Boris Bidjan Saberi created a beautiful collection for Fall/Winter 2012 with military and futuristic inspired looks.

No Editions Fall/Winter 2012

No Editions‘ Fall/Winter 2012 collection had great minimal leather looks in hues of light grey, white and dark grey.

Loewe Fall/Winter 2012

Spanish brand Loewe presented their small Fall/Winter 2012 collection in Paris featuring luxurious and masculine leather accessories.

Kolor Fall/Winter 2012

Kolor‘s Fall/Winter 2012 collection had colorful and relaxed looks.

Julius Fall/Winter 2012

Tatsuro Horikawa created a somber and a bit futuristic collection for Julius Fall/Winter 2012 collection.

Acne Fall/Winter 2012

Acne‘s Fall/Winter 2012 collection offered something for every man.

Thom Browne Fall/Winter 2012

Thom Browne created a disproportionate collection for Fall/Winter 2012 featuring heavily padded tops, resembling US football shoulder pads.

Paul Smith Fall/Winter 2012

Paul Smith created a somber Fall/Winter 2012 collection, featuring lot of black and blue color blocking, great proportions, fit and good tailoring.

Agnès B. Fall/Winter 2012

Agnès B presented a well crafted collection for Fall/Winter 2012 collection.

Lanvin Fall/Winter 2012

Lanvin‘s mens director Lucas Ossendrijver created a luxurious, opulent and modern collection for Fall/Winter 2012 inspired by the 70s’.

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