C.R.E.O.L.E‘s SS24 collection is a stylish homage to the iconic film “COCO LA FLEUR, CANDIDAT” by Guadeloupean director Christian Laura, which graced the silver screen back in 1979.

Breaking barriers and making history, it stands as the very first Antillean film in the annals of French cinema, skillfully crafted by a Guadeloupean artist in the heart of Guadeloupe itself.

Decades later, its profound message still reverberates within the fabric of French overseas territories, resonating with their contemporary realities. This remarkable cinematic piece dares to challenge populist fantasies in the face of technocratic elites, igniting a revolutionary spirit amidst the electoral chaos.

The SS24 collection boldly defies traditional conventions, cleverly infusing elements of workwear and thoughtfully dismantling societal hierarchies. It artfully blends past and present, seamlessly incorporating tropical symbolism that encapsulates the essence of the region.

Check out the collection below: