As Paris gears up for the 2024 Olympic Games, Louis Vuitton is getting in on the action with a new guide that celebrates sports in the city. This isn’t just any guide; it’s a peek into the heart of Parisian sports, from the local favorites to the global sensations.

Louis Vuitton has always had a thing for sports, and now they’re showing it off with a special edition guide that’s all about Paris’s love for the game. Whether it’s the thrill of a race or the latest in sneaker fashion, the guide covers it all. And with Paris hosting the Olympics, the city’s buzzing with energy and excitement.

The guide takes you through the streets of Paris, showing off each neighborhood’s sports scene. You’ll get the lowdown on where to play, who to watch, and what to wear. And to make it even cooler, Enzo Lefort, the champion fencer, is adding his own touch to the guide, making sure it’s got that winning edge.

This isn’t just a list of places and names. It’s a deep dive into what makes Paris tick when it comes to sports. It’s about the people, the places, and the passion that keeps the city moving. And it’s all wrapped up in a guide that’s as stylish as it is informative.

But that’s not all. Louis Vuitton is also dropping a big, beautiful book about Paris. The Paris City Book is like a love letter to the city, filled with pictures and stories that show off its hidden spots and new vibes. It’s a fresh look at an old favorite, and it’s coming just in time for the Olympic buzz.

Check it out below:

So, whether you’re a local or just visiting, these guides are your ticket to the sporting side of Paris. They’re packed with tips, tales, and a whole lot of Parisian charm. Get ready to explore the city in a whole new way, just as it’s stepping into the Olympic spotlight.